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1. Get Pre-Qualified Before Seeing Homes

2. Keep Paying Your Bills On Time

3. Pay Down Credit Card Debt 20-30%

4. Continue Saving Money

5. Hire The Right Professional

6. Control Your Emotions

7. Follow The Home That Makes You Feel Good

8. Find Out The Difference Between a 15Year & 30 Year Mortgage Payment

9. Obtain Mortgage Protection Policy

10. Let Your Lender Know When Your About To Change Jobs In Advance

1. NO Late Payments

2. Don't Increase Debt

3. Buy A Car During Process

4. Apply For More Credit Cards

5. No-Cosigning during the process

6.Get Fired From Your Job

7. File Unnecessary Losses On Taxes

8. Become Discouraged

9. Have Your Credit Constantly Re-Run

10. Spend The Money You Need To Close